Feliz Dia de La Madre (Happy Mother’s Day)

La Puerta Abierta celebrated a day of appreciation for all of our loving and hard working mothers of the school.  The center was filled with joyful children that danced and sang for their proud mamas.  moms smiling

The teachers have been coordinating several different activities with the children for the past week.  We decorated cups filled with beautiful plants from our school’s garden as gifts of appreciation for the mothers.

gifts to moms

The pre-school students showed off their English language skills by singing and dancing to “Skidamarink I Love You.”

Skid dance

The Kindergarten class grabbed guitars, sunglasses, and a drum set to perform a mock rock concert for all the smiling mothers in our audience.

The band

The center was filled with laughs and joy!  The best part was watching the children present their handmade gifts to their mothers.


There is nothing better than a big hug from your loving mother!