A Day at The Mystical Yoga Farm

Thank you Mystical Yoga Farm for welcoming our first grade students with open arms at your beautiful, peaceful, loving center yesterday.

     photo 4-5

We were greeted with warmth and kindness upon arrival.

photo 1-13

photo 1-15

Silvio shared his garden with us, and we learned about healthy plants which we can grow and eat.  We smelled basil, sampled flowers that tasted like cucumber and learned about the medicinal properties of marigold.

photo 2-8

We practiced yoga with the splendor of nature surrounding us.

photo 1-14

We laughed.

photo 2-9

And we shined!

photo 4-4

And we sat still.

photo 3-7

Thank you for a joy filled day.


Healthy Habits, Happy Kids

photo 1-12

Hand washing, healthy eating, exercise, mindfulness, tooth brushing and hygiene are the themes we have woven into our curriculum this month at La Puerta Abierta as we explore healthy habits.

Dr. Luisa from St. Thomas Hospital in London visited to share about the importance of hand washing and brushing teeth with our students.  Mil gracias Louise!

photo 2-5

Miss Ana modeled tooth brushing for our preschool students.

photo 3

We’ve been talking about healthy foods and…

photo 1-8

and we’ve been cooking up healthy recipes!

photo 1-11

photo 2-2Carrot, banana, oat muffins!

photo 4-2Kindergarten organized our March assembly and presented “Dancing vegetables.”

photo 3-4

And Mrs. Michelle has been leading us in   yoga for our body, mind and soul every Friday.  Om….

photo 3-3

In the Beginning

As I walked to La Puerta Abierta this morning, I realized that we were initiating the month of March!   Somehow, January, dedicated to preparing our teachers and our students for the new school year slipped away.   And February, filled with celebration of friendship, exploration, and fun passed equally as quick.

Before the first quarter of the school year disappears, I wanted to document our beginnings at La Puerta Abierta.

We’ve been preparing!

photo 1-3

Juanita shops at the market for new storage containers.

We’ve been creating.


photo-224 photo-225

Young artists at work.

We have been learning!


Professional Teacher Development with Ms. Ellen

We’ve been helping!


A buen companero washes dishes.

We have been celebrating!


Felicidades Peace Makers!

We have been yoga-ing.


and practicing healthy habits.

We have been exploring!


We have a new tactile bin.

We have been painting.



and small!

And we have been excercising.


We have been smiling.photo-235


and we have been working together.


We have been reading.


We have been loving!