La feria es….super divertida


*Photo credit Mario Ajanel

July is full of festivities and fun in Santiago Atitlan.  July 25th marks the celebration of our town saint, Santiago.  The ferris wheel is set up in the church square and lights up the evening sky, beauty queens are elected, cotton candy and sticky apples are sold in the market by visiting street vendors.


Local schools are responsible for organizing and participating in an annual parade, and parents, families and community members line the streets to show support for the students as they sing, dance, and march through the town.  The parade themes change every year and vary from cultural, educational, and world topics.  The theme this year was Recycle, and la Puerta Abierta embraced it by representing Environmental Super Heroes.  Our costumes were made out of recycled materials, and ranged from Capitan Verde Man to Paper Queen.