A Dynamic Duo…


Meet Ellen and Isaias.

Isaias is our Traveling Library coordinator, better known to local school children as the story teacher.  Isaias visits 8 rural schools throughout the week with a back pack full of books, art supplies and the story of the day.  In addition to bringing literacy supplies to participating classrooms, Isaias comes equipped with an enormous smile, an endless supply of energy, and a talent to connect with children of all ages.


Ellen, an early childhood education specialist and Director of Academics at La Puerta Abierta has been collaborating with La Puerta Abierta for the past year supporting staff with professional development and creating curriculum for our center.


Together, Isaias and Ellen have developed a manual for exploring literacy through story books and creativity.  Ellen’s foundation in early childhood education and   Isaias’ experience working with rural school children is reflected throughout the guide book. The new traveling library manual contains 10 thematic units focusing on a variety of themes which will allow for children to explore the world around them.  Themes include school days, countries and culture, art, the 5 senses, nature appreciation, fairytales, community, colors, weather and family.  Each unit contains 4 lessons and each lesson is connected to a carefully selected story for children to enjoy.


We are excited to share our new manual with the community of Santiago Atitlan and with other educational institutions who practice and appreciate the love of reading.

Mil gracias Ellen and Isaias!