Future Teachers of Santiago Atitlan


This year the Puerta Abierta has been blessed with the opportunity to serve not only as a learning center for our own students, but as a training center for both future and current teachers in Santiago Atitlan. We have hosted practicum students, held monthly workshops, and this month we received a visit from a group of 30 first year education students at ENBI, our local teaching academy.

IMG_1678      IMG_1676

Upon arrival, ENBI education students had the opportunity to observe the Puerta Abierta teachers and students in action!


Afterwords our students enjoyed participating in one of the many fun activities that these teachers in training had prepared for us! For many of the ENBI students this was their first interaction with students in the classroom.


Making alphabet letters and shapes on peg boards.


Gone fishing!


Practicing hand-eye coordination with the ring toss!

Thank you ENBI students for all your hard work in preparing such fun activities for our students! We look forward to watching these future teachers of Santiago in action!