The Puerta Abierta Traveling Library presents: “Mi mundo de lectura” or “My world of literacy”


One of our big goals for the 2015 school year was to formalize our Traveling Library program with a manual and curriculum that would be easy to replicate and share amongst other organizations working in the field of literacy. We dedicated many hours meticulously choosing themes and books, and writing lesson plans for creative activities that promote critical thinking!
This week we had the great pleasure of sharing this manual with educators and organizations around the lake. In a fun filled morning, we exchanged stories and memories about our own experiences with literacy as children, conveyed the story of the Traveling Library and spent quality time educating fellow teachers about creative practices in literacy and how to successfully implement  a “story hour” that will engage and motivate children to cultivate a love of literacy. In celebration, we were able to showcase the hard work and dedication of the Traveling Library and to collaborate with others who share our passion!IMG_3598Colorin, colorado, The Traveling Library Manual ha acabado!