From Guatemala to Boston and Back Again…


La Puerta Abierta will initiate our new school year on January 18th and we are overjoyed to have Juanita back in country with us after spending two months on the East Coast of the United States.   Juanita collaborated  with a variety of progressive  preschools to learn about alternative teaching practices which she will share with students and teachers at our center this year.

Pine Village Spanish Emersion Preschool  hosted Juanita and she had the opportunity to visit 8 of their centers in the Boston area.  In addition to learning about their teaching techniques, Juanita also represented La Puerta Abierta, sharing culture, ideas and friendship with staff and children.


In addition, Juanita traveled to Maple St. Preschool, a parent cooperative preschool that emphasizes nurturing, play, and hands-on learning

in Brooklyn, New York and also The Orchard School in New Hampshire which is located on a campus that houses an organic farm, bakery and community center.


During her two month exchange in America, Juanita was greeted by an abundance of love and support from friends of La Puerta Abierta.  She experienced an American Thanksgiving, traveled trains, planes and metros, ate lobster and visited an aquarium.  She built a barn, visited a very cold ocean and saw the new Star Wars on the big screen.  Juanita dressed up for an evening of ballet, crunched autumn leaves under her boots for the first time and viewed the Picasso exhibit at the Boston Museum of Art.  She tried Boston’s best BBQ and wandered the library of Harvard.  She had the “American” experience  we wish all visitors from abroad would receive.





I continue to be touched by how small our big world can feel.  As I reflect on the greatness of Juanita’s journey, I am reminded of the friends near and far who made her travels possible…those who donated, those who hosted, those who created and sold crafts for our fundraisers, those who believed…you know who you are…muchas gracias, thank you, maltiox.