Land of the Eternal Spring

We’ve been learning about seasons this month at La Puerta Abierta.  Guatemala is often referred to as “the land of eternal spring” in tour books, and truly, we are gifted with a moderate climate nearly all year round.  Guatemalans would say that two seasons exist in Central America….the rainy season (May to October) and the dry season (November to April).  March/April also coincides with Semana Santa or Spring Break, a time of year when many flood to the beaches for holidays, hence, modern advertising has adopted this short window of time and associated it with “summer.”  Speaking seasons in Guatemala is no easy task.

At La Puerta Abierta, we choose to share about local season as well as universal seasons.  With our English teacher Miss Abigail, kindergarten students learned about her experience with winter growing up on the East Coast.  Juanita’s class talked about autumn and the changing of leaves in the life cycle of trees.  Preschool students laid on their backs in a grassy field and watched clouds float by on a windy morning.

While spring may show a variety of signs in different parts of the world, we can come together in celebrating the birth of a new season.  Baby birds are emerging from nests in the trees surrounding our school.  Our students have begun to prepare the land for our school garden in anticipation of the rains.  Mangos are appearing with frequency in the market.

This year, we greeted the spring with our annual Splash Party!  We celebrated nature, water, seasons and sunshine.