Meet the Band

When children’s yoga/nature/music teacher and friend of La Puerta Abierta, Paula Jordan, mentioned that she had received a donated “band” for our center, we had a difficult time imagining what she would pack in her suitcase for us to use in her music classes at La Puerta Abierta. We had images of giant rubber bands, or a bag of musical instruments to form a music band of sorts.


The band referred to an ingenious invention created by Janet of Bear Paw Creek, a company that equips teachers, therapists, and parents as they seek to enrich the lives of others through music and motion.

Paula had first encountered the band while working with pre-school music programs in the Boston area.

The stretchy band can help educators achieve a wide range of skills for their students including motor skills, spatial awareness and spacial concepts, social skills, basic concepts (colors, body parts), creativity, team building, trust and boundary issues.

Students and staff at La Puerta Abierta were delighted to explore the band with Paula. We used the band in a circle to practice body movement, rhythm and motion, and music.

The room was aglow with smiles.

Sending a big heart felt thank you to Bear Paw Creek and Paula. Thank you for bringing “the band” to Guatemala.