New Year, New Dreams….


January has come and gone, like a long, deep exhalation, and we will soon find ourselves greeting February, setting into motion, goals, dreams, and expectations for the new year.

I am excited to announce that La Puerta Abierta will be partnering with friend Khushi Malhotra (yoga/meditation/mindfulness teacher) in offering our first Guatemala Cultural and Yoga Immersion Retreat at Lake Atitlan. We invite you to join us from June 29-July 8 in practicing yoga and meditation in the culturally, spiritually and environmentally rich village of Santiago Atiltan, home to the Tzutuhil Maya. Participants will have the opportunity to visit and collaborate with La Puerta Abierta Community Education Center.
Program Fee: $1400 before April 1st; $1480 after (portion of profit donated to La Puerta Abierta.


I will also be returning to India this August to participate in the Himalayan Retreat for Educators & Service Professionals at APV School: August 5th – 19th (Golden triangle tour August 1st-5th).


The past two years have allowed for great success in integrating teachers and others from the US and Guatemala with our partnering Himalayan school to engage in a real learning exchange. We invite you to join us this year for an inspirational experience as you learn new skills and discover ways to bring the energy of the Himalayas back to your home and work. Khushi and her counterpart Mohan will lead us as we take a truly deep dive into the culture of the Himalayas while having a joyful opportunity to serve and be changed by APV School. Yoga, meditation, village visits, mindful treks, discourses on meditation and holistic living, Hindi and cooking classes are all part of this wonderful journey. Visit to Rishikesh included.  More information

Program Fee: $1550; Pre-Retreat Tour Fee: $575 (70% of profit donated to APV School)

I look forward to seeing you this year in Guatemala, India or another corner of the world.

With love and kindness,