This is how we do it…


June 25th marks the Day of the Teacher.   Guatemala is a country that loves celebrations therefore, in addition to the expected holidays to honor mothers and fathers, we also celebrate children, saints and teachers.

Our staff at La Puerta Abierta has grown to an impressive number of 17 over the past 10 years which includes our master teachers, teachers in training, volunteers, secretaries and PE teachers.    Upon visiting our center, you can quickly feel the joy that our educators emit while they work.  We teach with a philosophy of love, kindness, acceptance and respect for our school community.

We work hard, with heart and soul, day by day.

And then, once a year in June, we stop to reflect on our hard work, our progress and our transformations.

We rest, and we play.

This year, we celebrated El Dia del Maestro on the Pacific Coast at the Mystical Farm at El Paredon.  We swam in the ocean (some for the first time), we walked the sandy shores and collected shells, we shared meals and stories, we napped, we explored a lagoon of turtles and we ran like children under the rain.

This is how we do it at La Puerta Abierta.