Mission & Beliefs

Our mission is to empower children to use creativity, critical thinking and literacy to become innovative problem solvers.  Through  developing  their individual talents and confidence, we prepare our students  to become future agents of change and leaders in our community. We open doors to:

  • CREATIVITY – Exposure to art, painting, music, drama and meaningful play allows children to be the creators and producers of their own activities.
  • CRITICAL THINKING – Integrating interactive learning opportunities into our curriculum inspires curiosity in our students and enhances problem solving skills.
  • LITERACY – Early access  to books and story telling is crucial to developing a child’s imagination and literacy skills.  Our center hosts a large collection of books and engages students in reading activities at a young age.  In addition, the Traveling Library reaches out to local community schools sharing story hours, book kits and creative activities to participating schools.
  • DIVERSITY – Our programs welcome and celebrate the diversity which is reflected in our community.  We embrace three languages in our center (Spanish, English, Tz’utujil), work with children from all walks of life including our local orphanage and collaborate with a network of volunteers from around the world.
  • CULTIVATING TEACHERS – We believe that our teachers are valued facilitators of change and deserve continuous education for professional growth and development.  Training just one teacher in creative teaching practices will have a positive influence on an infinite amount of students.
  • BRIGHTER FUTURES – Access to creativity, critical thinking, literacy, diversity and skilled teachers pave the path to  opportunities for a new generation of students in our community…a generation of leaders, problem solvers, dreamers and creators.