Angelika BauerAngelika Bauer – Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala

Angelika Bauer has been hosting children’s art workshops at La Puerta Abierta for the past five years. Born in Germany, Angelika has been living in Santiago for over twenty years and her paintings and drawings are celebrated in Guatemala and abroad. Angelika inspires our students to explore creative art techniques while teaching our students about abstract art and color combinations.  Local students have been revealing great artistic potential by using oil pastels as their medium.


NatikNatikBoston, Massachusetts 

Natik empowers marginalized communities to transform themselves through collaborative and innovative solutions to poverty. Natik facilitates partnerships and dialogue between grassroots organizations and young leaders to expand educational opportunities and work toward economic empowerment for women.


PEGPEG Partners – Black Mountain, North Carolina

PEG Partners is an all-volunteer U.S.-based non-profit organization working in partnership with underfunded schools and libraries in Guatemala. PEG supports over a dozen schools and libraries in projects to expand their buildings, book holdings, classrooms, teachers’ salaries and infrastructure.


SFThe Sparks Foundation – Jackson, Wyoming 

The Sparks Foundation partners with communities in need to promote and improve opportunities by directly supporting educational and humanitarian initiatives. The foundation values and respects traditional cultures, languages, and beliefs– while introducing new ideas and techniques that lead to improved health and alleviating poverty and suffering.  Opportunities are created through volunteer service and financial support which directly impact the future for individuals and the life of their communities.

If you share in our same enthusiasm to empower children and awaken them to a love of learning, consider contributing to La Puerta Abierta  as a volunteer or donor.