Primary Education

In 2011, La Puerta Abierta grew into a true learning center, one which hosted both library and primary education programs. While working with literacy programs in the community, we recognized the need to expose young children to the excitement of learning at an early age.  Simultaneously, families who were participating in our Mommy & Me classes were soliciting our similar philosophy of educating their children in a more formal setting, one which would incorporate hands-on teaching practices into the classroom.

Six years ago, La Puerta Abierta opened the first creative, nonconventional preschool in Santiago Atitlan. Within our center, we have created an environment for our young learners which is inviting, educational, and stimulating. Our staff has designed a creative curriculum which embraces art and exploration.

We strive to educate the whole child by offering a variety of learning opportunities via music, body movement, out-door education, sports, theater, art, hygiene and food preparation.

La Escuelita Puerta Abierta currently offers seven academic grades, preschool through 5th grade.