Teen Reading Group

During the vacation months of 2012, our staff was inspired to launch a reading circle for young adults.  We created a safe place where teenagers could come together once a week to discuss a book they were reading as a group, socialize, and make new friends.  The teen reading circle was our first initiative to connect with an older audience and encouraged us to branch out; embracing a new demographic population in our community.

The group has developed skills to think critically about the literature they are discussing and to relate books to their own lives.  On  Friday afternoons at La Puerta Abierta, you can find a group of animated teens sitting in a circle,  discussing literature, laughing and sharing life events.

In addition, La Puerta Abierta collaborates with The Sparks Foundation who generously donates book sets to our traveling library program.  In exchange, our reading promotors share reading circles with the Sparks Foundation scholarship students twice a month.