Artisan Products that Support Education

The Mothers Artisans Group at La Puerta Abierta is a novel approach to helping families pay for their children’s education. The profits from the Mothers Artisans Store go directly to the families of La Puerta Abierta, playing an important role in subsidizing the cost of the high-quality, hands-on education students receive at our school.

Who are the Mother Artisans?

The Mother Artisans are all mothers of one or more students at La Puerta Abierta. The Mothers’ Artisan Group provides a dignified form of income for the mothers of our students while enhancing their personal creativity and promoting a sustainable income generation for la Puerta Abierta. They are supremely talented weavers, seamstresses, and artists. Our mothers design handmade products, most with a focus on childhood whimsy such as finger puppets, holiday ornaments, and cuddly toys. You can learn more about each of the mother artisans by visiting our online store.

How does our Artisans Program support education?

The profits from our store directly benefit education. When a product is purchased, money from the sale goes directly to the artisans to support the education of their children at La Puerta Abierta. Leftover profits are deposited into a general scholarship fund, helping to decrease the overall cost of education for all the families of La Puerta Abierta. Your purchase directly impacts our ability to provide education and literacy outreach in Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala.

What are traditional Guatemalan artisan products?

The Atitlán area is known for its colorful, handwoven textiles. The threads that make up these textiles are naturally dyed using a natural dye process of the Tz’utujil tradition derived from locally found plants, trees, and insects. The threads are then woven together into intricate designs by our mother artisans using the same techniques that have been used in the area for thousands of years. Then our artisans transform those textiles into napkins, handbags, ornaments, and more. Every single product in our store is made by hand – the threads, textiles, and final products are all produced start-to-finish in the Lake Atitlán area.

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