Volunteer With Us!

La Puerta Abierta offers a variety of meaningful opportunities for motivated, creative and responsible individuals to collaborate with our center.

Potential volunteer experiences include:

  • Sharing a skill with our students such as art, science, nature, music, etc.
  • Participating in our Traveling Library and reading books with local school children
  • Tutoring
  • Teaching English
  • Developing new curriculum

If you’d like to volunteer, please contact us.

"As a doctoral student in bilingual education, we often talk and theorize in the university about what an ideal learning environment should be. One that is culturally sustaining, values the whole child, sees parents and families as an asset, allows students to explore STEAM, arts, music, and physical activity, and also is tied to a larger global context are all essential to me for a transformative school. I've seen many, many school settings through 15 years as a teacher and international volunteer, and no other school comes closer to the paradigm of an ideal education than La Puerta Abierta."
Mohit Mehta
The University of Texas at Austin