Lucía Pablo Gonzáles

My name is Lucia and I am 38 years old. I am a wife and the mother of two children (Josefa, age 8, and Albano, age 11). Participating in the Madres Artesanas group has provided a great opportunity for me to grow and to learn craft techniques such as embroidery.  In addition, I am able to earn a dignified income for my products which has helped with my family’s economy.  I enjoy sewing ornaments and cuddly toys.  Every time I make a new product, I like to think about the person or child who will receive it and I  imagine where they will display it in their home.

I dream that our products will travel the world someday and that our brand will be recognized across the globe.  If our store grows, our families and community will benefit.  I also believe that my work supports a better education for my children (Josefa wants to be a doctor and Albano wants to be an architect). I also dream that, if all goes well, I can continue studying. I would like to be a nurse or physical therapist.

I am grateful to everyone who buys our products as they support our families and our community for a better quality of life.

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