María Mendoza Pop de Ramírez

I am María, mother of three children and wife of Ezequiel. I like to work hard so that my family can get ahead. I have worked with embroidery since I was little.

I love to learn new and interesting skills that make me think and inspire me to find creative strategies. That is how I started with the group of mothers: I saw the work and thought it was difficult, but I also saw the other mothers who were able to do it and that gave me confidence to try.

I like to make hanging ornaments and birds. Every time I start a new design, I feel challenged at first as  my brain begins to  understand the patterns and the stitches required for the final product. Sometimes I become a little frustrated, but I always achieve my goal in the end. I hope the group will grow and that someday  we will have a giant store with our products.

I am proud of my work because it keeps my mind active, helps my family, and gives me hope for the development of my community.

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