Much like our students, our school is always changing, learning and adapting. Check out what is new at La Puerta Abierta! You can also visit our Facebook page and Instagram page for information on day-to-day events and other important updates from La Puerta Abierta.

  • Wrapping Up 2023 at the Puerta Abierta

    Wrapping Up 2023 at the Puerta Abierta

    Queridos: As 2023 draws to an end, we are grateful for our friends and family from around the world who believe in our programs and share our HOPE for future generations at Puerta Abierta Atitlan. Thank you.  Malitiox.  Gracias. We are excited to display our collection of monthly memories, a virtual album of dreams, learning,…

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  • A Successful Week of Giving!

    A Successful Week of Giving!

    The Puerta Abierta’s first-ever Week of Giving was a resounding success. And that is all thanks to our donors! We still can’t believe that we raised $7,650 for our school in just one week. The money raised during our Week of Giving will be used for a diverse range of purposes at the Puerta Abierta….

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  • Impact at the Puerta Abierta

    Impact at the Puerta Abierta

    Impact is a word that we use often at the Puerta Abierta. Daily, we witness the impact that our approach to creative education has on our students. What a privilege we have as educators to witness those “aha” moments when a child learns to connect syllables to read words, conceptualize how to add fractions, or…

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  • The Puerta Abierta 1st Annual Week of Giving

    The Puerta Abierta 1st Annual Week of Giving

    October is an exciting time at the Puerta Abierta! On October 1st, we joined Guatemala in observing the International Day of Children. Now, our students are busy wrapping up projects, sharing presentations, and turning in their last assignments in anticipation of the final day of classes on October 13th! We will also soon bid farewell…

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  • Opening Books, Opening Doors

    Opening Books, Opening Doors

    In 2021, The Puerta Abierta put renewed focus into supporting literacy in the region. Our focus was specifically to redesign and expand our Libros Abiertos program. We applied for and received a Thank Offering grant from Presbyterian Women in 2021. With the help of this grant, we have spent the last two years training teachers…

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  • Artisan Products that Support Education

    Artisan Products that Support Education

    The Mothers Artisans Group at La Puerta Abierta is a novel approach to helping families pay for their children’s education. The profits from the Mothers Artisans Store go directly to the families of La Puerta Abierta, playing an important role in subsidizing the cost of the high-quality, hands-on education students receive at our school. Who…

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