Jesus Elizabeth Velasquez Tiney

I have participated in the mothers’ artisan group since my son Juan Carlos began studying at la Puerta Abierta. I have loved the opportunity for my son to study here because not only has he gained a great education, but I have too.

Via the mothers’ group, I have learned to create new products, share ideas, and work with a team. In addition, the group has helped me with my mental and emotional health. The mothers in the group inspire me and I feel happy when we meet.  Before I was in the mothers’ group, I just watched TV and completed the household chores. Now I exercise, work on various projects, and appreciate my ideas and time.

I hope our group can continue to grow and that someday we may have a large store that sells all different types of local handicrafts.  I feel fortunate to have work that allows me to help my family and reach my goals and dreams.

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