The Puerta Abierta 1st Annual Week of Giving

October is an exciting time at the Puerta Abierta! On October 1st, we joined Guatemala in observing the International Day of Children. Now, our students are busy wrapping up projects, sharing presentations, and turning in their last assignments in anticipation of the final day of classes on October 13th! We will also soon bid farewell (for now) to our graduating class of sixth graders, our fourth promotion of students who began their education journey at the Puerta Abierta as preschoolers.

To celebrate, we are launching Puerta Abierta’s First Annual Week of Giving. The premise is simple: We rely on our donors’ support to be able to provide quality, affordable, hands-on education to the Santiago Atitlán community. All donations, small and large, make a difference in our ability to educate the next generation of leaders, teachers, doctors, and more. All donations are tax-deductible and directly support our program operations. Without you, we could not continue to do what we do!

We’re asking all our supporters to help us reach our fundraising goal of $5,000 starting next week on October 9th! Be on the lookout for more information on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  

Our Impact

At the Puerta Abierta, we believe that our impact spreads beyond our campus and into our community. We are teaching our students to be community members of integrity who are kind, empathetic, and caring. They are learning to use their voices to advocate for themselves and others, while understanding the value of considering perspectives that may be different from their own. We inspire our students to transform into the leaders and problem solvers of the future. The skills our students learn at the Puerta Abierta empower them to be a force for positive change in the community.

How to Give

You can donate online on our donations page or by sending a check. Checking information can be found here. All donations of $100 or more will receive a personalized gratitude tile like the one to the right that we will add to our gratitude wall

What does your money do? Funds directly support our school and our educational programs. For example: $50 will contribute to the growth of funding for our community garden club for one month, $200 will pay for one month’s salary for a junior teacher, $400 will support a Puerta Abierta scholarship student to achieve a higher education, and $800 will pay for one school to receive visits from our Traveling Library for a year! Any amount of money makes a difference at the Puerta Abierta!

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